TT Top Braces

TT 101 and 102 braces are interchangeable with most models having the same tube size, as are the TT 101M and 102M.  If you alter your bike, you may find another style brace works with your setup better.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions on fitment.

Example: You have a naked /6 or /7 and decide to use aftermarket gauges.  You only need holes for handlebar risers so may find the /5 brace looks better with a smaller envelope and smooth face. If you want to attach brackets see the Tech and Tips page.

/6-7 Brace           


Standard Brace for /6-7  ~  R65 from 85-95

TT-101    ::  36mm forks

TT-101M  ::  38.5mm forks

Direct replacement for the stock /6-7 top plate. Improves handling and gives the bike a planted feel in corners and on rough roads.

Standard Brushed Aluminum finish:   $174

Black or Clear powder coat:  $180


/5 Brace

TT-102     :: 36mm          

TT-102M  ::  38.5mm

Designed to compliment the /5 curved headlight nacelle, which holds the Motometer. Requires only riser mounts so the envelope is smaller for a clean look.

Also made for 38.5mm forks when the other mounting holes aren’t needed. Including the R65  model years 1985-95

Standard Brushed Aluminum finish:   $174

Black Powder coat:  $180


G/S Brace ~ 36mm forks only

The G/S brace is being redesigned and not available.

It will be much smaller than the previous model.

If you would like to be notified when it’s available please provide your email:



New design uses the ST brace envelope shown here.

It will have a boss on the front with a carbon fiber turn signal stem for the stock signal pod.




R80GS and R100GS Lower Fork Bridge 

The Lower Fork Bridge is being redesigned and currently not available.

The new version will be lighter, increased tire clearance and cooler looking.  

If you would like to be notified when it’s available, email using this link:

 TT-202 :: $130

I don’t make a top brace for the R80 – R100GS.  They have a robust, cast, top yoke that works well.

I DO make Riser Spacers for them, which raises the handlebars 30mm.   See Fork Setup

R80ST ~ 36mm forks                               NEW DESIGN!

The new ST brace is here! The first run came off the CNC on June 19. 

Based on the TT-102 it has a smaller envelope and cleaner look than the previous design. It accommodates the ST nacelle brackets and gauge mounts.


Also fits G/S models with 36mm forks not using the BMW signal pods.





TT-102ST ::  $174

Provides for the auxiliary gauge bracket locator pin and clearance for a spanner wrench to adjust the head bearing without removing the brace.



Low Profile Stem Nut

I strongly recommend using a TT low profile stem nut with a TT Top Brace.

The BMW nut has a shallow, 2.4mm skirt to hold everything in place.  TT Stem Nut has a 6mm skirt, which engages the center stem near full depth of the 7mm thick brace.  It provides a solid interface which does not interfere with compression on the bearing adjuster.  A huge improvement in keeping the forks aligned and centered.  The 4mm lower profile gives it a smooth, cleaner look.

TT-301  ::  $34

TT-301D – with damper hole

Machined from 17-4 PH Stainless Steel



TT Stem Nut for a stock BMW top plate  

TT-301B :: $34

                       TT-301BD – with damper hole

The BMW nut has a cast, tapered, skirt that makes contact with barely half of the 4mm plate thickness.  The TT Stem Nut has a precision machined, 3mm skirt which provides full contact with the plate walls for the best interface possible.


The lower profile provides better clearance and a more aesthetic appearance.

Shown mounted with a TT Cafe brace, fork extensions and gauge mount.




Want to add a bit of bling to the yoke?  High quality, 20mm roundels with a nickel/silver base and cloisonné enamel, which is baked to form a ceramic. They won’t fade in the sun and not harmed by oils or solvents.

TT-R20 ::  $6 each

They look great on the carb top too!





See the Fork Setup page for roundels!


Don’t forget the Installation Kit!

Correct stainless steel bolts are available if you don’t need the other parts  ::  $8

              TK-101 :: $25    (/6-7)                                                                            TK-102 :: $25    (/5)

            The kits contain:

         4 new rubber grommets

         4 bolts (2 lengths/heads)

         2 signal wire grommets

    (spacers available for shimming)


TK-M :: $30     38.5mm forks with headlight ears

The Mono kit has different size top grommets and 1mm base on the bottom.

The base can also be used for shims with the other kits