Fork Setup Parts

These parts are designed with the rider in mind to improve the set up on your top yoke, but also improve functionality of the stock airhead forks.  Precision CNC machined for the highest quality and performance, these parts will fit all TT top brace models.

Low Profile Stem Nut

TT-301  ::  $34

I strongly recommend using a TT low profile stem nut with a TT Top Brace.  The BMW nut only has a shallow, 2.4mm skirt to hold everything in place. The 17-4.PH stainless steel TT Stem Nut has a 6mm skirt, which engages nearly the full, 7mm depth for a solid interface between the brace and center stem.  It’s a vast improvement in keeping the forks aligned and centered.

The BMW nut is cast and has a tapered, 2.4mm skirt, which barely engages 1.5mm.

TT Stem Nut has a 4mm lower profile for better clearance and smoother look!

TT-301D with damper hole



Shown mounted on a TT Cafe brace, fork extensions and gauge mount.





Low Profile Stem Nut for the stock BMW top plate.

The BMW nut is cast so the skirt is actually tapered and doesn’t fully engage the top plate.  Look at the BMW plate center bore in the photo to the left.  The paint is worn off on barely half the 4mm thickness where it made contact. This is all that’s holding everything centered on the top yoke!

TT-301B :: $34                       TT-301BD  with damper hole


Precision machined, 3mm skirt, makes full contact with nearly the entire depth of the BMW top plate. It allows for compression so doesn’t interfere with the bearing adjuster nut.


Want to add a bit of bling?  High quality, 20mm roundels with a nickel/silver base and cloisonné enamel. They won’t fade in the sun or harmed by oils and solvents.

TT-R20 ::  $6 each

                                They look great on the carb top too!

25mm Hi-Risers

Sometimes moving the bars up a little higher can make a big difference in comfort with your hands and shoulders.  TT Hi-Risers raise the handlebar 25mm. You shouldn’t have to change cables unless you have the short Euro-bar cables installed.

TT-HR25 ::  $39   (Natural or black)

30mm Riser Spacers for R80GS & R100GS

TT-RS30 ::  $37   (black only)

The GS has a cast top yoke and 40mm forks.

Raise your handlebars on the cast yoke risers for a more comfortable arm position. These are just high enough so the stock control cables still work.





Bringing the bars up also provides better control standing on the pegs when off road.  Installed without removing anything more than the top caps to slide them under the bars.  Longer, Stainless steel bolts included.





Riser Caps with 8mm accessory mounts

Eliminate the ugly U-bolt clamps used for many accessories. These have 8mm threaded holes for mounting a GPS, tach or other gauge. You can also fasten a bar between them to have multiple mounting points or a solid center mount.

TT-RCA ::  $35    (choice of black or natural)

These work especially well with G/S and GS models to bring the gauges forward a little without a long bracket that vibrates. Shown below with a RAM ball mount for the GPS on my 91 R100GS-PD.

70mm Fuel Tank Roundels ~ 60mm accessory roundel

70mm Roundels ::  $18 each

60mm Roundels ::  $16 each


BMW:  TT-R60

Motorsport:  TT-R70M


Very high quality roundels that have a nickel/silver metal base with a curved back to fit the tank recess.  The face is cloisonné enamel in the correct Bavarian cyan blue. It’s heated in an oven to create a hard, ceramic, finish that won’t fade in the sun.  Not affected by fuel, oil or solvents and will last the life of your bike.

The BMW roundels are produced using color codes unique to ToasterTan. They are NOT the same as those from other sources.

The Motorsport roundels are produced using the exact color codes as the original M3. They have a different blue than the BMW roundel.