Café Fork Extensions

TT-401 (D-S) ::  $164

You no longer have to lower the bike and modify the suspension to mount clip-on bars above the brace!

These precision machined, 17-4.PH stainless steel extensions not only provide clip-on bar mounting without altering the bike, but they have hidden, built-in, fork spring preload adjusters!  Eliminate having to repeatedly take the forks apart trying different spacers to get the suspension sag right.

Bill Costello wrote an article for OTL in January 2014, depicting his Café build where he used a TT brace to lower the bike and extensively modify the suspension. After riding for a couple years, he didn’t like the reduced travel with resulting harsh ride.  His newest article, October 2016, documents installation of TT Fork Extensions to restore the original suspension travel. The bike is more comfortable, handles better and is a much cleaner look which compliments his Café style.

    Before Bill installed extensions and stem nut









Choice of DOME or SPOKE caps (D or S)

Preload adjusters are hidden inside

All you need is a 10mm socket to easily set the spring preload without disassembling the forks.  You are able to adjust on the fly for changes in the rider weight, suspension or balance.


Café Drop Brace

TT-103 ::  $185   ~ 36mm forks only

Want something REALLY different?  The Café Drop Brace was designed for a bike that needs something in between the clip-on’s above or below it. The bars are even with the stem nut and avoids buying sets with knuckle joints and goofy angles to get clearance on a bullet fairing or other interference.  Or just to have a very cool custom look!



lower straight bars WITHOUT lowering the bike.









OR ~ you just want to do something radical!





Choice of 3 finishes: polished, black powder coat and a unique Glass Bead-Clear Coat


Top bolt Café Spacers included




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