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TT parts designed for custom builds 

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Every bike on these pages has a TT top brace and other custom parts on them



Whether you’re a pro or first-timer, these pages have parts to bring a bike to what YOU vision it to be.  Not just parts – but photos to give you ideas for achieving it.

Look at the Customer Gallery pages for inspiration.

 Be sure to check out the Café Custom Banner braces!

Café top brace. The foundation for your build.

 TT-102C   ::  $174    36mm

TT-102CM  ::  $174   38.5mm

No riser holes and a clean look for bikes using clip-on bars. The smooth bore stanchion clamp allows the tubes to slide through if you want to lower the bike and mount clip-on bars on top.

If you DON’T want to lower the bike: see the TT Fork Extensions and Drop Brace on the next page!

The Café brace will fit all models with the same size fork tubes as the bore.

                                  Black or clear powder coat ::  $180


Four, 6mm, blind tapped holes for mounting brackets






If you are going to lower the bike by sliding the stanchions up through the brace, you will need Café Spacers so the top bolt doesn’t bottom out in the fork threads. Precision machined to bridge the gap and keep a finished, custom look.  NOT needed with 38.5mm forks.

 TT-CS  ::  $18 pair               


TT Gauge Mount ::  $27  (satin or black)

Made specifically for the TT Cafe brace, the bracket has one 6mm smooth bore hole in it for a speedo or multi-gauge.  More holes can be drilled for mounting additional accessories.  Comes with stainless mounting bolts for the brace.

The TT mount uses two of the four 6mm blind tapped holes on the underside.  These holes can also be used by those who fabricate their own instrument or fairing brackets. See the Tech and Tips pages.


Designed to mount low so the gauge can be brought back over the brace if you want a close, tight look.

Low Profile Stem Nut

TT301 :: $34

Made of 17-4.PH stainless steel and precision machined to pair with the TT braces. The stock BMW nut has a shallow, 2.4mm skirt to hold everything centered. Not only that, because it’s cast, the skirt is actually tapered and only engages about 1.6mm of the bore wall!  The TT nut has a 6mm skirt to span nearly the entire 7mm depth of the TT brace, leaving enough for compression so it won’t interfere with the bearing adjuster.

AND a lower profile with a dome that is 4mm less than a stock nut.


TT301D :: with damper hole

Nearly full engagement between the center stem and TT brace for a solid interface.

Add a 20mm, nickel/silver cloisonné enamel roundel:

TT-R20 :: $6



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