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Use below email link to order or ask questions

Methods of payment: 

PayPal  ::  personal check  ::  credit card by phone  ::  bank-to-bank transfer or Bill Pay

Below are the USPS Flat-Rate mailing options:

  • USA:  $11

  • Canada:  $26

  • Europe/Australia:  $39   (limit is 3 pounds. Heavier boxes are $70)

  • Small overseas packages can be mailed using First Class postage – usually $16

Rates may change in response to USPS rates.

When ordering; please provide the following information:

  • Year and model
  • TT part numbers with description
  • Special finish:  black or clear coat
  • Modifications to the forks, risers, handlebars or other things which affect fit
  • Are you building a custom:  Café – Scrambler – Brat – Street fighter?

 The reason you can’t make payment through this website is to ensure you get the right parts for your bike. Nothing is more aggravating than having to send the wrong stuff back.  Often the bike is apart, which delays your work.  It costs us both time and money.

TT email link below for questions and ordering