Café Motorsport :: $245

Have your club, logo, name or slogan deep machined in the tradition of BMW Motorsport.**  This design was first used on BMW M-series cars built for high performance. Used by MAX BMW in their logo and machined into a TT Café brace for their race bike.







Your design, club logo or drawing deep machined into the brace. **  Come up with your own idea and provide a drawing or, better yet, a vector file for us to import to the CNC.  These customs can often be done at the base price of $245, however,  depending on the design intricacy and programming costs they are quoted on an individual basis.

This custom logo was the base price of $245


**  There are some limitations concerning copyright, trademark, length of words and other issues.  I reserve the right to refuse requests which are offensive or just plain stupid.  A man gotsta have standards!


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