Welcome to ToasterTan!

The ToasterTan mission:

Provide the highest quality custom products for BMW Airhead motorcycles. Products that improve your airhead by form, fit or function; providing value at affordable prices.  Designs which compliment your machine. Not just bling…  but functional art.

   Owner: Stephen Gaulin

To order the correct TT brace for your bike, first determine the fork tube size:  36mm or 38.5mm 

Check the tube diameter if you think the forks were altered on your bike.  Then select the appropriate TT brace.

36mm  ~  with the exception of R80G/S & ST. These are mono with 36mm forks

38.5mm  ~  with the exception of R80-100GS, which are 40mm forks.

ToasterTan does NOT make parts for the R100R, Mystic and R65 up to 1984

These are fine machines, but have a different fork geometry and tube sizes than other airheads.  They were only made a few years and there is simply not enough demand to justify the cost of creating separate designs.

If you are building a Cafe, Scrambler or other custom design, visit the Cafe and Customs section for  parts to configure the forks the way you envision your build.  There are photos to give you ideas as well as parts.